Worship Team

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Praise Team
If you are interested in getting involved with the praise team, we have a process of slowly introducing you to the group. It will start with practices, and grow into being on stage and maybe even leading.
I'd like to join the praise team!
We are in the process of developing a live band to be a part of our Sunday Morning experience. If you have talents with an instrument and would like to get involved with a live band, please let us know!
Live band sounds AWESOME!
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Tech Team
OneChurch is blessed to have outstanding tech to make our services work. If you like technology and would like to put that passion to use in our of services, let us know!
Tech Team all the Way!
Join Our Worship Group
Whether it is tech, praise, or the upcoming band, we are all part of a bigger team. We are called to lead our congregation into a deeper sense of God's presence and worship.
Join our group!