We exist to create an uplifting community of believers for Students to belong to, in hope that in that community they would find Christ. As Pursuit Student Ministries, we are in active prusuit of community as we grow with one another, we are in active pursuit of Christ as he trasnforms our nature and character by way of love and grace, and we are in active pursuit of the lost as we seek to reveal to them the same love and grace Christ has lavished on us.

Where You Can Find Us

Instagram: @prsuit.sm

Facebook: Pursuit Student Ministries

Carrier Pigeon: Good luck.

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We are about 1 year old now, and we would love to hear from you how we did this last year and what we can do this year to improve.

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Interested in serving the youth in our community?
From the Youth Pastor:

Above you will see a few of the things we do as a youth ministry, BUT, we are a work in progress and we're open to new ideas and opportunities to serve our community and share the Gospel with our students. If you are a High School student or Adult who has been faithfully attending OneChurch and you're looking for a way to help out with what we're doing, reach out to me and I would love to have a conversation with you! - Mitch Stiller