In 2022, we want to begin to develop a culture of prayer. We can not do the spiritual work of ministry without being people of prayer.

We want to restart Everyday Prayer! The idea behind everyday prayer is you take one day of the month and pray on that day all year long. God never stops working, the ministry never stops, so let us never stop praying. If you have a day that you would like to pray on, let us know, we will add you to the calendar, and will send you reminders when your day is up. If you want to be really ambitious, pick a day of the week, and commit to praying fasting on that day all year long!

We also want to bring back the Prayer Summit! This is a once a month event where we gather as a church to pray for our country, our community, our church, and each other. Before the pandemic, this was an amazing time of seeking God and allowing Him to speak to us. We will be sure to let you know when the first one comes.